???? PENTECOST | Interlude on St. Columba – Phil Lehenbauer | Hauptwerk Caen (upgraded!)

This morning I received an email from Sonus Paradisi announcing an update to their famous Caen sample set. “Version 2.66 introduces the mixer tab into the sample set, with the usual sliders to adjust the volume of Front, Rear, Blower and Tracker noise. The mixer also has the Pipe Coupling slider, and an independent Pipe Detuning slider, which allows the user to set the amount of (quasi-)random mistuning of the organ pipes. Many users find some overall mistuning of the organ good for the realism of the sample set.” The sample set sounds like new again (not that it ever sounded old…it has stood the test of time and that’s why it’s used by many Hauptwerk’ers even to this day). I hope you enjoy my rendition of this piece by Phil on a tune I associate with Pentecost. Perhaps my next video will feature Caen on a tutti registration!

Score: https://www.sheetmusicplus.com/title/interlude-on-st-columba-the-king-of-love-my-shepherd-is-organ-work-by-phil-lehenbauer-digital-sheet-music/21822185?aff_id=478282

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