Christ lag in Todesbanden | Di Chiara, Leonardo Antonio | Haverhill OIC Sample Set | Lavender Audio

This rendition of “Christ lag in Todesbanden” by Leonardo Antonio Di Chiara, played on the Haverhill OIC Sample Set from Lavender Audio was inspired by @RalphLooij’s recent performance of the work. You can listen to his here:

“Christ lag in Todesbanden” (Christ Lay in Death’s Bonds) is a hymn composed by Martin Luther in 1524, based on the Latin sequence “Victimae Paschali Laudes” by Wipo of Burgundy from the 11th century. This chorale is one of the oldest and most significant Protestant hymns, celebrating the resurrection of Jesus Christ on Easter Day. Luther’s version features seven stanzas, each exploring a different aspect of Christ’s victory over death.

In this recording, you’ll hear the Haverhill OIC Sample Set by Lavender Audio, which accurately reproduces the distinct sound of the Haverhill Organ, built by Harrison & Harrison. As the set is quite dry, I have liberally applied some convolution reverb available in Hauptwerk VII. Leonardo Antonio Di Chiara, a gifted composer and organist, masterfully arranged this chorale for organ, emphasising its emotional impact and powerful message.


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