“Gorgeous Adagio” – John Bennett

It has been a while since I’ve exclusively recorded at my local church apart from the live Tuesday organ recitals, so after Tom’s organ lesson one evening I decided to play this little Adagio (from a voluntary?) that I found from the Corpus Christi Watershed website. The score indicates it has been modified and I blatantly made it worse by romanticising the performance and registration! Do “adagios” make you fall asleep? If so, I’ve added some clips from my phone’s archives that might entertain you 😉

Score: https://archive.ccwatershed.org/pdfs/7408-organ-music-interlude-manual-only-manuals-adagio-bennett/download/

Organ specification: https://www.ohta.org.au/organs/organs/AlburyStMatts.html

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