How to upgrade from Hauptwerk 6 to Hauptwerk 7

Hauptwerk 7 (VII) has been released! I’ve been on Hauptwerk 6 (VI) for close to a year now and I like to stay on top of things—so here’s how I upgraded my installation. Version 7 adds these additional features:

– Higher quality real-time filter and background model processing
– Assign functions to piston toolbars globally, or on a per organ basis
– Customize piston toolbars labels on global or organ level
– Show/hide large control panels ‘on the fly’ from on-screen buttons
– Auto-detect various pistons on a global or per organ level
– Audio mixer and mixer bus more easily configurable
– Mixer presets increased to 128 (previously 8)
– Combination stepper features improved significantly
– Much higher quality real-time audio pitch-shifting
– Much much more! (See Features Data Sheet and Release Notice)

If you have issues downloading the installer, please contact me via the link at the bottom of this description.

Hauptwerk 7:

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