It came upon the midnight clear – Richard Willis arr Tucker | Organteq 2

I’ve used @AubreyTucker’s jazzy arrangement of the Christmas Carol ‘It Came Upon The Midnight Clear’ as my demo for the newly released Organteq 2 by Moddart. Organteq is virtual organ software that offers over 4,000 pipes inspired by historic organ builders, featuring 68 stops that can be assigned across three manuals and pedals. It utilises physical modelling for sound synthesis, resulting in a small 30 MB file size. The new version provides alternative touch-compatible console views which I appreciated very much. For this recording I used the Romantic ‘Abbey’ model to show off the quieter stops, including a brief small crescendo towards the end. I see Organteq 2 as another alternative to the Sweelinck virtual organ software and is especially useful for those on a budget, limited computer resources or simply just like to have full control over every aspect of an organ (it’s highly customisable!). The score for Aubrey’s arrangement is available for instant download below at SMP.

Organteq 2:


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