Meditation on Brother James’s Air – Harold Darke

I can thank Mr Callum Knox for introducing me to the organ works of Harold Darke and also his choral compositions. Callum recently played this piece in his recital a few days ago and I really loved it. It’s typical of an English organ composition—starting off quiet, a solo melody then a gradual build up to full organ before heading back to where we started. I’ll leave a link to Callum’s performance below. I must have had a few too many coffees before recording this piece because after listening back to it, I feel I could have relaxed the tempo. Or perhaps the Sankt Arnual sample set just gave me too much power and I was eager to really open up the organ! Nevertheless, I uploaded it for your enjoyment anyway and I may do another take down the track on another sample set. Any suggestions on which set?

Callum’s recital:–m1m8Lg

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