O Sacrum Convivium – Kevin Allen | Swell Vox ft. Whitney Maslak

This 3-part motet by Kevin Allen is quite special to me as it was sung at my wedding with Leysa during Holy Communion. Kevin Allen is a composer of opera, chamber and orchestral music. He has also developed a unique reputation as a composer of church music for the Roman Rite. Based in Chicago, he is the founding director of the Collins Consort, American Composer’s Project, and Schola Immaculata. Mr. Allen is also the choirmaster of the Monastery of the Holy Cross in Chicago. During Lent, there is a reduction of organ music (only to support the singing) in the Roman liturgy hence I’ve decided to explore some sacred polyphony. Thank you to @Whitney Maslak for providing the chant before the reprise of the motet and the Swell Vox crew: Tony Lee, David Lee and Caleb Smith. (also, as you know, I’m primarily an organist…so please forgive my singing voice ????).

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Score: https://www.ccwatershed.org/motecta/

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