Prelude in D – Fraser Gartshore

Do you know who @Fraser Gartshore is? He’s this really charismatic and talented organist…Aussie’s would label him as “fair dinkum”. I just love his refreshing attitude to the organ world! He’s a fabulous improviser, a theatre organist and a “traditional” organist who plays all the mainstream repertoire. And to top it off, he composed this “Prelude in D”. A perfect piece to display the tonal resources of the organ of the St. Joseph church in Bonn¬≠-Beuel. This sample set for Hauptwerk is one of the most important German organs in the French Romantic style and was sampled by Pipeloops. The console kind of looks like St. Sulpice to me! Let me know what you think of the sample set and Fraser’s composition in the comments.

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