The first take: behind the scenes of RVW’s Old Hundredth Psalm Tune | Swell Vox ft. Callum Knox

In January this year I uploaded a rendition of “The Old Hundredth Psalm Tune” by Ralph Vaughan Williams. This particular Swell Vox recording starred Callum Knox, one of the finest young organists of Sydney, studying with Philip Swanton under a full scholarship at the Sydney Conservatorium. He is also a trained vocalist, an avid long distance runner and surfer. Swell Vox was grateful that he accepted our invitation for a cameo appearance.

We do several takes to do a recording and, of course, you see the “best one” on YouTube. I don’t know about anyone else, but I’m interested and curious about the recording process and what happens behind the scenes. I see it as a learning experience! What reminded me of this recording was yesterday’s upload of an organ setting of the Old Hundredth by Graham Twist. I remembered the several takes we did in the Swell Vox recording—so here I revisit the FIRST take with some context via means of my commentary.

The “best take” recording:
Twist Old 100th:

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