The iPad advantage with Callum and James | Double Dissonance Podcast Ep. 7

Welcome to episode SEVEN of our podcast! Your hosts are, myself—James Flores (Australia’s favourite internet organist) and Callum Knox (the surfing organist?). Our mission is to make the organ, organ music and choral music more accessible to the general population by letting you hear us converse in a casual setting.

And now for a bit of context, we discuss Callum’s recent recital and the importance of variety in a program, the tradition of starting recitals with baroque music, Callum’s love for the English choral repertoire and the advantages of using iPads for sheet music.

Callum’s recital:
Podcast playlist:

00:05 | Double Distance Podcast #6 at Adamsgurst
02:43 | Conversation on the production process and sponsorship of SJKS choir
04:40 | Exploring repertoire selection for organ performance
08:44 | Conversation on practicing and using iPads
10:22 | Conversation on the benefits of using an iPad
13:31 | Conversation on practicing with an iPad and ForScore
15:23 | Conversation on preparing for a recital
17:42 | Conversation on creating an engaging recital program
24:03 | Conversation on what makes a good organ recital
26:19 | Conversation on organ composers

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