Toccata Giocosa – Graham Twist | Hauptwerk St. Mary-le-Bow

Graham Twist is undoubtedly the best commenter for organ videos on YouTube! He is such a kind and caring person plus a fantastic composer (but he seems to think not…). His works have already been published by Tim Knight Music and last year he wrote a Trumpet Tune for me. My only complaint is that he didn’t dedicate this RIPPER OF A PIECE to me! (no offence to Alex to whom it was dedicated ????). I had wanted to learn this piece for a long time but I kept procrastinating. The final straw was when the composer recorded it himself! Listen to Graham’s fabulous recording here:
If you’d like a copy of the score (gratis), contact Graham via his YouTube channel. This piece deserves to be in every organist’s repertoire—I hope you enjoy!

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