Veni Creator, Op.66/14 – Oreste Ravanello | St. Patrick’s Schola Cantorum

As you do when you’re in lockdown, I stumbled across some old footage that might be of interest for the channel. It’s a live performance (in fact, the first ever for this group!) by the former St. Patrick’s Schola Cantorum on October 30, 2012. This is where my journey with church music, organ and choirs flourished. From memory, the group dissolved in around 2016 with many of the original members slowly leaving due to having families of their own and other life commitments. David and Tony Lee (Swell Vox) caught the tail end of the choir but many of the cast were new except for myself and Andrew. The years following the choir’s disbandment were sad for me…I always wanted to enjoy the musical camaraderie once again and of course, that was answered with Swell Vox 🙂 However, the times we live in now are uncertain because it’s difficult to meet for many reasons—that’s why I always remind myself that the last interactions you could have with anyone may be your last. Memories are what make us and our most precious treasures. Anyway…it’s always great to re-live footage like this. It’s a shame that recording back in 2012 wasn’t as convenient as it is today.

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