Virtual Vespers – 12 July 2023 | Organ music with prayers and readings

The Vespers prayer service has its origins in the ancient Jewish tradition of reciting prayers at set times throughout the day. In the Christian context, Vespers evolved from the practice of evening prayer in the monastic communities of the early Church. By the Middle Ages, the Vespers service had become a staple of the Roman Catholic liturgy, consisting of psalms, hymns, and readings from scripture. The service typically takes place at sunset and is meant to mark the end of the day and prepare for rest and contemplation. “Virtual Vespers” is a meditative evening service with organ music on this channel. The order of service is from Universalis ( with a few modifications.

If you’d like to contribute in some way to the next Virtual Vespers (readings, music or financially), please contact me via the link at the end of this description. God bless, James Flores.

Order of service:

0:00 | Opening prayer
0:30 | Hymn: AURELIA
3:00 | Psalms
5:06 | Choral from Suite en la majeur – Denis Bédard
6:46 | Canticle / Short Reading
8:32 | Priere from Suite en la majeur – Denis Bédard
11:02 | Magnificat
12:12 | Prayers and intercessions
13:09 | Barcarole from Suite en la majeur – Denis Bédard
15:50 | Closing prayers
16:41 | Jubilant Ringing – Phil Lehenbauer


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