Virtual Vespers – 29 September 2021 | Organ, choir, prayers and readings

After premiering last Wednesday’s Virtual Vespers (, I’ve decided to run it again with my friends David and Anthony (“Tony”) Lee and Thomas Summerfield. We are currently separated during this time due to state border closures and the ongoing pandemic—however this does not stop us from collaborating virtually. The order of service is taken from Universalis ( with a few modifications. The organ pieces are a collection of “Meditations for Organ” by James Michael Stevens. The link to the music is available below. The Magnificat was a live recording by the former St. Patrick’s Schola Cantorum (Albury) in 2012. You might recognise a couple of faces in there! All material in this video is NEW so please sit back, relax and contemplate that you just completed another day.

If you’d like to contribute in some way to the next Virtual Vespers, please contact me via the link at the end of this description.

Order of service:

0:00 | Meditation No. 1 for Organ in G Minor – James Michael Stevens (James)
2:57 | Introduction / Psalm (David/Tony)
4:44 | Meditation No. 2 in C Minor – James Michael Stevens (Tom)
8:20 | Psalm (David)
9:44 | Meditation No. 3 for Organ in E Flat Major- James Michael Stevens (James)
12:28 | Canticle / Reading / Short Responsory (Tony/David)
14:54 | Magnificat – Chant (Schola Cantorum)
17:36 | Prayers and Intercessions (David)
20:01 | Meditation No. 4 for Organ in E Minor – James Michael Stevens (Tom)

Meditations for Organ (Stevens):

Organ specification:

Swell Vox:
Schola Cantorum:

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