Organ voluntaries – Epiphany to Advent 2019

At the beginning of the year, I decided to keep note of all the organ repertoire I played during church services. I did this last year as well, so I thought I’d make this my own “tradition” and reflect on how much music I covered. It’s easy to take each week in isolation and be so critical of yourself after each service. I often have feelings of self-doubt and that I’m not doing enough. This post will serve as a reminder of how much music I’ve played in church services alone (not including recitals!). This should lift my spirits…but not enough to become complacent!

As a very rough figure, let’s say I’m covering about 6 mins of organ repertoire in each service.

This would equate to roughly 162 mins of organ music (~2.7 hours)!

I’ve included links to a video where possible.

Prelude: Variations on We Three Kings – Rulon Christiansen
Communion: Variations on a Basque Noël – Carson Cooman
Postlude: Noël Une Vierge Pucelle – Nicolas-Antoine Lebègue

2nd Sunday OT (C)
Communion: Verset III – Carson Cooman
Postlude: Tuba Tune – Carson Cooman

4th Sunday OT (C)
Postlude: Rigaudon – André Campra

6th Sunday OT (C)
Communion: Andantino – Denis Bédard
Postlude: Prelude and Fugue in G major, BWV 557 – Krebs

7th Sunday OT (C)
Preludes: Adagio (from a voluntary) – John Bennett; Voluntary in B-flat – Jonathan Battishill
Communion: Diapason Movement (from a voluntary) – William Goodwin
Postlude: Prelude and Fugue in A minor, BWV 559 – Krebs

8th Sunday OT (C)
Preludes: Interludes 73 & 79 from 100 Liturgical Interludes for Organ – Dom Gregory Murray OSB
Communion: Prelude in E minor, BWV 555 – Krebs
Postlude: Prelude and Fugue in F major, BWV 556 – Krebs

Easter Vigil
Communion: Chant du soir (Sept Offrandes) – Denis Bédard
Postlude: Festival Toccata – Percy Fletcher

Easter Sunday
Prelude: Prière à Notre-Dame – Léon Boëllmann
Communion: Air from Orchestral Suite No. 3 – Johann Sebastian Bach
Postlude: Festival Toccata – Percy Fletcher

3rd Sunday of Easter (C)
Communion: Madrigal (Sept Offrandes) – Denis Bédard
Postlude: Preludium from Cathedral Suite – Gordon Young

4th Sunday of Easter (C)
Communion: Andante (from a voluntary) – Maurice Greene
Postlude: Prelude and Fugue in C major, BWV 553 – Krebs

5th Sunday of Easter (C)
Preludes: Aria and Sarabande from Cathedral Suite – Gordon Young
Communion: Jesu, Joy of Man’s Desiring, BWV 147 – Johann Sebastian Bach
Postlude: Fugue in E minor, BWV 555 – Krebs

Ascension Sunday (C)
Prelude: Praeludium secundi Toni (Ms Lynar B3, page 36) – Anonymous
Communion: If Ye Love Me (Organ) – Thomas Tallis arr. Aubrey Tucker
Postlude: Arrival of the Queen of Sheba – George Frideric Händel

Trinity Sunday (C)
Prelude: O lux beata trinitas – Jan Pieterszoon Sweelinck
Communion: Vater unser im Himmelreich – Georg Philipp Telemann
Postlude: Trinity Procession – Phil Lehenbauer

13th Sunday OT (C)
Prelude: Rêverie (Sept Offrandes) – Denis Bédard
Communion: Beach Spring – Phil Lehenbauer
Postlude: Tuba Tune – Brett McKern

14th Sunday OT (C)
Prelude: Adagio in G minor – Tomaso Albinoni
Communion: Largo from Xerxes – George Frideric Handel
Postlude: Toccata in G major – Théodore Dubois

15th Sunday OT (C)
Prelude: Ciacona in f-moll – Johann Pachelbel
Communion: Récit from Suite du Premier Ton – Denis Bédard
Postlude: Gigue (Partita VI) – Johann Adolph Scheibe

16th Sunday OT (C)
Offertory: “Liebster Jesu” Offertory – Phil Lehenbauer
Communion: Choral (II) from Suite de concert – Denis Bédard
Postlude: Trumpet Tune – John Stanley

18th Sunday OT (C)
Communion: Récit – Pierre Dumage
Postlude: Grand Jeu – Pierre Dumage

20th Sunday OT (C)
Prelude: Attende Domine, Op. 8 – Jeanne Demessieux
Communion: Rhosymedre (“Lovely”) – Ralph Vaughn Williams

22nd Sunday OT (C)
Prelude: Choral from Contrastes – Denis Bedard
Communion: Adagio – Jeff Perks
Postlude: Ricecrar primi toni – Anonymous

23rd Sunday OT (C)
Communion: Oraison from Contrastes – Denis Bedard
Postlude: Prelude in E-flat major, BWV 552i – Johann Sebastian Bach

24th Sunday OT (C)
Communion: Interlude on “St. Columba” – Phil Lehenbauer
Postlude: Fanfare from Contrastes – Denis Bédard

26th Sunday OT (C)
Prelude: Diapason Movement – William Boyce
Postlude: Voluntary in E minor, Op. 6 – John Stanley

28th Sunday OT (C)
Communion: Prelude in the Phrygian Mode – Thomas Tallis
Postlude: Præludium pedaliter – Jan Pieterszoon Sweelinck

31st Sunday OT (C)
Communion: Præludium pedaliter – Martin Düben
Postlude: Præludium pedaliter – Anonymous

32nd Sunday OT (C)
Communion: Organ ABC – Vidas Pinkevicius
Postlude: In Memoriam – Denis Bédard

33nd Sunday OT (C)
Communion: Chant de Paix – Jean Langlais
Postlude: Præludium – Anonymous

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